Pellet Mill Roller Shells

Importance of Rolls in Pellet Milling

The pellet mill roller shell assemblies are a critical component of the pellet mill. The roller shells play a key role in determining the quality and consistency of your pellets. We recommend you replace your roller assemblies with each die change. A worn or damaged roller shell being used beyond its service life can cause the mill to consume more energy and reduce throughput.

Quality Construction

Elevate your pellet production with our top-quality roller shells. Our roller shells are designed to withstand the high pressures and abrasive forces of the pelletizing process, ensuring a consistent and efficient outcome every time.

Roller Shell Material

Our roller shells are made from high quality materials that are proven to withstand high temperatures and pressure without degrading or warping.

Choosing the right Roller

Customizable options and smooth surfaces allow for optimized performance and reduced friction, while easy maintenance helps reduce downtime.

Corrugated Open End (HT)

Our corrugated open end shells work best with high-fibrous products such as wood. One benefit is the relief of pressure on the face of the die.

Corrugated Closed End (HTW)

Designed for more lightweight products, our closed end corrugated shells hold the product you are pelleting to the die pad and can improve throughput.

Tungsten (TRC)

Our Tungsten coated shell is best used in high-wear applications such as corn gluten. Take care not to over-tighten your shells as it could be detrimental to the die.

Dimple (HTD)

Jacobs Dimple shells are less aggressive and most successfully used in wood applications.

Corrugated Helical (HTWH)

Jacobs Helical shells were designed with corn-based animal feed in mind. They work well in a three-roll set up and tend to do a better job cleaning off the die pad.


Pinnacle shells do an exceptional job in applications producing poultry feed. They are aggressive, holds the feed to the pad, and in most cases improves throughput.
pinnacle shell

Dominator Shell

Jacobs Dominator™ Shell is a harder shell that typically lasts the life of the die. We have availability in all styles for most makes and models of pellet mills.
dominator shell

Assembly Parts

Jacobs carries internal components to aid in your roller assembly rebuilds. Please reach out to your representative for availability and a quote.

Pro-Roll Shells Brochures & Spec Forms

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