Pellet Mill Die & Roller Shell Rebuild

Bring your Die Back to Life

At Jacobs, we offer the highest quality reworking and retuning service for any die. All dies will undergo cleaning, resurfacing of the pad, and rechamfering of the holes.

Every die that is received will also have an inspection report that includes recommendations for wear components like roll shells, wear rings, clamps, etc. If necessary, we will also help you in remodeling the hole pattern on our Jacobs’ dies.

Before sending in your die for rework, we recommend you reach out to your representative to go over the eligibility of your die to be reworked.

Our Rebuilding Process

Another high quality service Jacobs offers is roller shell rebuilding. Jacobs will schedule a pickup for your used-up assemblies. Once they arrive to us, we break them down and evaluate what parts are good and which need to be replaced. Your sales representative will contact you along the way with any important information and parts needs. Once your assemblies are rebuilt and filled with compatible grease, we will ship them back to you on our returnable Roll Boss™

Cost Savings

Reworking pellet mill dies, or rebuilding roller shell assemblies will extend the life by restoring components to their original specifications, reducing the need for costly replacements.
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Pellet Mill Die RebuildPellet Mill Roller Shell Rebuild

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