Tub Grinder Wear Parts & Screens

What are Tub Grinders & Wear Parts

Tub grinders are a type of equipment used in forestry, landscaping, and agricultural industries to process organic material such as wood, brush, and cornstalks into smaller pieces.
Most commonly, the tub grinders we provide wear parts for are for hay grinding. Tub grinders used for hay typically have a drum that feeds the material into the free-swinging hammers and then goes through a grinder screen. The result is then used as livestock feed or bedding.

Swing Hammers

Jacobs provides swing hammers for any Hay Buster, Duratech, Jones, Mighty Giant, or any one of many other makes and models of tub grinders. We have various styles of tungsten carbide to suit your individual grinding needs. See our full line of tub grinder hammers below!


Our hammer mill rods are customizable by length, width, heat treat style, and come in standard, notched, threaded, washer one end, and drill & tap.

Screen Replacement

We stock a variety of perforated material up to 1” holes, if you are needing something larger reach out to your rep for a quote and availability.
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Tub Grinder Wear Parts

The images show our Blade2 hammer in one of our customers' tub grinder. He reported the hammers have been grinding for 185 hours and will likely reach 350 before needing replacement.

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TubDagger ™

Made for minimum wear and maximum destruction! Our Dagger hammers are powered by Holeformance- a Jacobs proprietary technology that eliminates rod wear with 100% rod contact, two times faster installation, eases removal, and helps mitigate hammers sticking.

Ask about our clusters for even faster installation, additional reduction in hole elongation and rod grooving. Dagger clusters also result in a better grind profile and reduce hard-face undercut wear.

One part number, one kit.


Jacobs is pleased to announce the re-release of the most innovative hammer for tub grinding.

Even more striking power for optimized cutting of bails, stocks, wood, or anything you can throw at it. Give the Blade a try and you will see longer wear, less fuel consumption and more profits.

  • HOLEFORMANCE: Elliptical hole for 100% clean out & perfect rod contact!
  • Optimized mass for more striking power!
  • Patented Pivot Design reduces shock to mill
  • Hardened bushing reduces rod wear and maintains strength of hammer blade.
  • Two-piece design
  • 200% more wear surface!
  • World leading hard facing from Jacobs
tub blade

Bad Ax™

Our new, innovative hammer that can not be matched!

You don't need a bunch of wimps slowing down operations and getting in the way. What you need is a Bad AxLumberjack to get in there and get some work done. He'll bring the best tools and the best attitude and complete the job.

Unfortunately, we are fresh out of spare Lumberjacks. We do, however, have some of his tools of the trade.

Just like you won't settle for wimpy workers, don't settle for wimpy hammers. When you need to cut through the tough stuff, you need nothing less than a Bad Ax.

bad ax hammer


Jacobs standard hammers proudly feature our TruBore™ rod holes for less rod wear and better life. Along with STC™ (suspended tungsten carbide) hard facing, you are sure to get extended life out of your hammers.
dagger hammer

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