Replacement Hammer Rods

Custom Design Rods

Our rods are induction heat treated to a depth of .180, while the competitors are .030. That’s six-times the industry standard! Rods are available for most makes and models, but we do offer custom design services to fit your specific needs.

When Should You Replace Your Rods?

Jacobs recommends you replace hammer rods and spacers every time you replace hammers in your hammer mill. It’s important to regularly inspect your wear parts, including rods, to ensure your hammer mill is operating at peak efficiency.

If once you’ve inspected your hammer mills you’ve found that your rods have become grooved be sure you ask your sales representative about Jacobs Holeformance™ technology. Holeformance™ mitigates hole elongation and rod grooving while its greater cleanout reduces hammers sticking.

Rod Styles Include:

  • Notched
  • Threaded
  • Washer One End
  • Drill & Tap
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Washer One End
Drill & Tap


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pentagon hammer


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max hammer

Washer One End

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edge hammer

Drill & Tap

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Rods Brochure & Spec Form

Spec form for rods
spec form for rods
Specially designed to minimize hammer sticking and maximize hammer and rod life!

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