Pellet Mill Parts

Designed and Manufactured

As you know, quality and design are crucial factors in determining the efficiency and productivity of your pellet mill. Our engineers are on staff to assist you in developing a die and determining the best type of roller shell to fit your specific pelleting needs. Making Jacobs your premier spare parts supplier for your mill.


We proudly offer four unique types of steel forgings to satisfy various pelleting application needs. These include Lightning, J4 Alloy, Hi-Chrome #5, and standard Hi-Chrome. Don’t forget your component mill parts such as die clamps, wear rings, shear pins, and compression bolts.


NSF H1 approved food grade grease, specifically designed for pellet mills. Available in tubes, kegs, and barrels.
Pro Roll

Roller Shells

Exclusively developed by Jacobs to wear longer than any other type of pellet mill roller shells in use today. Our roller shells are hardened to a depth of .180”. The deeper hardness provides longer life by mitigating the excessive wear that occurs when a shell is worn below the standard .030” case depth the competitors offer.
Roller shells

Die & Roller Shell Refurbishment

Jacobs offers retuning and reworking services for any die. Each die comes with a complete report developed by our engineering team covering any wear patterns or issues they noticed during the extensive process your die will go through. This report will outline any recommendations they have to help extend the life of your die.
Another service we offer is roller shell rebuilding. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we break down your assemblies and determine what parts are reusable and which need to be replaced. Once your assemblies are rebuilt and filled with compatible grease, we will ship them back to you on our returnable Roll Boss™ carrier.
Die & Roller Shell Refurbishment