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How are Hammer and Pellet Machines used for Animal Feed Production

Both mill types are commonly used in animal feed production to process raw materials into feed that can easily be consumed by livestock. Hammer mills use hammers to grind raw materials such as soybeans, corn, and grains into smaller particles. Typically, after this step, the ground material is then fed into a pellet mill, where using high pressure, it is forced through a pellet mill die using roller shells. It’s then extruded through the die to form pellets.  After this, it is cooled, dried, and packaged to be used as animal feed.

Importance of Pellet Mill Dies

The quality of your pellet mill dies is crucial to maintaining consistent, high-quality feeds. Since 1950, Jacobs has exceeded the demands and are trusted by everyone from the largest feed manufacturers to the niche feed manufacturers in the world. Our highly trained staff can help you reach your quality, efficiency, and throughput goals. 

Importance of Roller Shells

Jacobs offers various types of roller shells for most makes and models of pellet mills. Your representative can help you determine which is best for your individualized needs. We recommend you have 3 sets of rollers, one on your mill, one on the shelf, and one at Jacobs being rebuilt. Ask your representative how you can get set up on this rotation.

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Sugar Beet Production

Worldwide, 8 million tons of sugar beets are pelleted to feed the cattle industry.

Sugar Beet grinding, and pelleting is all about the lowest cost per ton; however, the cheapest upfront replacement dies will not achieve the lowest cost-per-ton!

Jacobs has engineered pellet machine wear parts specifically for the Sugar Beet Industry to help companies keep up front costs down while achieving the lowest cost per ton, creating a win-win situation.

Pet and Aquatic Feed Pellet Production

Pet and Aquatic Feed pelleting is quality driven and requires consistent grinding and pelleting in order to get the best final product.

Our skilled Engineering team can build a die that considers all components of the Pellet Machine, the product being pelleted, and the material’s sensitivity to heat and moisture.

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