Pro Roll Food Machinery Grease

Features and Benefits

Pro-Roll™ food grade grease provides essential, adequate lubrication and protection to ensure your pellet mill is running at optimal performance, reducing the need for maintenance and repairs.

Our grease meets the requirements to withstand the high temperatures and extreme pressure generated during the operation of the pellet mill.

Other benefits include high load-carrying capability, more forgiveness for accidental operator neglect, and is proven to reduce roll failure by 72%. We offer our grease in tubes, kegs, and barrels to satisfy your needs.

Food Grade Certifications

Pro-Roll™ food machinery grease meets h1 guidelines for incidental food contact. If you are producing food and feed pellets, it is crucial that you use food-grade lubricants that are safe for consumption by animals or humans to avoid the risk of contamination and health hazards.

Grease Comparison

Pro-Roll™ was developed exclusively for pellet mills, however, you will want to utilize our grease comparison chart to see if it is compatible with what you are currently using.

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Pro Roll Lubricant

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