Hammer Mill & Pellet Mill Parts Manufacturer Jacobs Global


At Jacobs, our heritage is what has created the backbone of our present-day company. Our founders were craftsmen who built their business by making quality replacement parts for the milling industry and providing outstanding service to their clients.


In 1934, Jacobs began under the name Jacobs Tool. Our founders were innovative forward thinkers that produced tools to aid in the agricultural industry such as a patented fencing tool and hoof trimmers. Over time, the company began to specialize in the production of wear parts for hammer and pellet mills. As demand grew for Jacobs wear parts and the production of tools became less, and less, it was time for a name change. However, over the decades, the name Jacobs had become very well-established. To eliminate confusion the name was changed to Jacobs Corporation. 

In the following decades, Jacobs Corporation, continued to grow and expand operations globally becoming a worldwide leading supplier of hammer and pellet mill replacement parts. 

Based out of Harlan, Iowa our company provides employment opportunities for over 70 nearby residents. Hiring locally allows us to contribute to the economic development of our community. We take pride in being a member of our local business community and are committed to continuing to create jobs and drive economic growth in our area.

Our Commitment to Quality Replacement Parts

As a company founded in 1934, Jacobs has always been driven by innovation and a commitment to quality, which attributes to the ongoing success of our process. For decades Jacobs Corporation has maintained the same work ethic and business philosophy that our founders demonstrated, which is still reflected in our operations today. Over the years, Jacobs has evolved into a modern manufacturing company with state-of-the-art equipment that is operated by highly skilled personnel. Our continued commitment to quality products, competitive pricing, and leading innovation has enabled us to become a worldwide leader in replacement parts for hammer mills and pellet mills.
Jacobs manufacturing plant for pellet mill replacement parts as well as our die and roll shell rework department.
Jacobs manufacturing plant for hammer mill replacement parts
Jacobs general office and manufacturing plant for hammermill replacement parts.
Jacobs general office and manufacturing plant for hammermill replacement parts.
Jacobs Chinese manufacturing plant.
jacobs chinese manufacturing plant
jacobs employees