Manure and Waste

Manure/Waste grinding and pelleting is all about lowest cost per ton.

The cheapest upfront products do not give you the lowest cost per ton.  Lowest cost per ton is achieved with less downtime, better wear, and better quality parts.

Jacobs engineers hammers and dies specific for the waste industry to give our customers the lowest cost per ton. 

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Jacobs Provides Hammer Mill Components, Pellet Mill Dies and Roll Shells for every type of mill. Try Jacobs performance after-market parts and you will be impressed.
Jacobs Hammers outlast any hammer in The World! We have numerous combinations to get you the lowest cost per ton possible. We design for lowest cost, not just the cheapest hammer upfront.
Jacobs innovative Pinnacle Shells for high fiber applications wear flat every time!
Talk to our sales and engineering staff about designing and building a better die for your operating conditions!
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Talk to Jacobs Engineering about the new Lightning Die!
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