Pellet Mill Roll Styles


XTR roll shells have been developed exclusively by Jacobs Corporation to wear longer than any other type of roll shell in use today. The XTR shells are hardened to depth of .180" (six times deeper than the leading competitor)! The deeper hardness provides longer life by retarding the excessive wear that occurs when a shell is worn below the std. .030" case depth the competitors offer.

XTR shells are available for most make and model pellet mills. Most popular sizes and corrugation styles can be shipped from stock within 24 hrs, or less. The next time you have your roll assemblies rebuilt ask to try the new XTR shells in your mill.

Pellet Mill Roll Styles

Jacobs Dominator Roll Shell

HT - Corrugated (open end)
HTW - Corrugated (closed end)

HTD - Dimple
TRC - Tungsten (not available in XTR style)

HTWH - Corrugated (helical, closed end)
HTP - Pinnacle