Pro-Roll Food Grade Grease

Our NSF-H1 and Kosher-certified Food Grade Grease designed specifically with Pellet Mills in mind is the new industry standard.
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Kosher and NSF Certified

Our Pro-Roll Food Grade Grease has both Passover Kosher and NSF H1 certifications.
This means we have had our product and manufacturing process reviewed and inspected, and certifying agencies feel confident in saying our product is:

• Completely safe for incidental food contact in and around food processing areas
• Certified by the Orthadox Union Kosher Association to be Kosher for Passover

Our food-grade grease has undergone severe testing to make sure it is up to the task of keeping your machines running. If you click here, you can view our test results. Below is a brief overview:

Rating Type Rating Result
NLGI Grade 2 (Similar thickness to
peanut butter)
Viscosity Index 98
Worked Penetration 265-295
Roll Stability, % Change Less than 3%