Jacobs Pentagon XTREME Hammer System

Current Statistics Using Pentagon and Jacob`s Screens

Pentagon System currently in 82 plants; AVERAGE Savings $22,000
Latest Result: $42,458 per mill!!
US Patent No. 8,104,177.

Customer Testimonials

  • "Install went great! Operationally, the Pentagons are shining. We went from 900 lbs per minute to 1287 lbs per minute and dropped 100 amps versus running the G hammers!"
  • "Install was done in record time, the fines have gone up from low 60`s to 71 and amps dropped 5%!"
  • "Crew is very happy, we usually change the G3 hammers every 6 months and the Pentagons still look brand new! Good for us, not for Jacobs sales!"
  • "Corporate has encouraged everyone to be running the Pentagon Hammers due to the success at all the pilot plants."
  • "Install perfect, with no change in screens the Pentagons dropped motor load 15% then before the change!"
  • "Install in half the time, and 14% less energy!"
  • "Our Back-up set is your competition... but we have had those for 2 years and the guys just keep ordering Pentagons, probably time to pitch those other ones!"
  • "Gold star for the Pentagons! We are getting the best grind we have ever had and are very happy about that!"