Ethanol and Renewable Energy Industry


Hammer Mills begin the process of making Ethanol by using Hammers, Screens, Rods, and Spacers/Collars to grind the whole corn kernel into a very fine starch powder, which is the first step in converting corn to Ethanol.

Jacob's Corporation is the world's leading provider to the Ethanol and Renewable Energy industries with performance Hammer Mill replacement parts proven to have:

● Quicker installation time resulting in more revenue-generating operating time. Most sets have no spacers!
● Longer Hammer life resulting in less replacement costs and down time.
Finer corn grinds resulting in less fermenting time, which allows Ethanol to be produced quicker and more efficiently.
● Rods and Screens designed specifically for use in Ethanol facilities allowing for machine efficiency.

Jacob's Hammers

Jacobs offers standard hammers and three premium Hammer options for customer to choose from, based on their energy, output, and cost requirements. Our Sales Team is highly trained to discuss the benefits and options of each of the Hammers.

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Holeformance allows the hammer to slightly swing side-to-side on the rod to find the sweet spot on the screen to grind material. The slight swing also reduces rod wear allowing the rod to be used for a longer amount of time resulting in savings.

Jacobs Good-Dagger Better-X2 Best-C4 Pentagon hammers powered by HoleFormance

Check out these actual efficiency improvements
from a Jacobs customer using Pentagon X2 hammers!
Show your boss $56k in savings!

Pentagon X2 Hammers have provided a 23% efficiency increase in a study in one Ethanol plant

Jacobs Tungesten Hard Facing

Applying tungsten carbide to the leading edge of Hammer Mill Hammers is not a new process.

However, the EXACT placement and distribution of the tungsten particles during the manufacturing process is new and can be done only using Jacob's specialized equipment and technical knowledge.

Jacob’s takes an electro-scan and picture of every lot of our hammers to ensure they have the most advanced and uniform tungsten carbide distribution produced.

Jacob’s hammers are for high performance mills and mill managers that want the lowest cost per ton and want to get the absolute most out of each bushel of corn.

Jacobs tempered rods are CNC-Chamfered to ensure they perfectly meet any specification! Our heat treating methods ensure our rods will outlast anything else in the industry!
Always available, 3-day lead time on custom screens, special packaging to eliminate damage