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Edge hammer

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What is the #1 Profit Loser in a Hammer Mill?

Losing the EDGE!

We don't just offer great service. We don't just know how to help you get the most out of your mill. We take it a step beyond; we push it to the EDGE.

Seriously, we raised the bar in materials and processing with this product. The pocket design gives you more Jacobs world-leading hard-facing without increasing hammer width, saving on energy requirements.

EDGE Hammers also minimize mass increase, again reducing energy use and load. The "EDGE" keeps the hammer sharp, reducing mill startup horsepower requirements and giving a better fine cut.

See what Jacobs R&D can do for you. Check your Online Quote for an EDGE Hammer, or ask us if the EDGE Hammer is right for your hammer mill.


Keeping the EDGE of your hammer can give you:

  • 75% More Surface Wear
  • Increased Life
  • Pocket Hardfacing for longer wear
  • HoleFormance™ Elliptical Hole for 2x Faster Install
  • 100% Rod Contact - Mitigating Rod Wear & Tear

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