Product Brochure Downloads


 Pentagon X2 Holeformance Brochure  -  100% Rod Contact, Eliminate Striking, 2 X Faster Install
 PentagonC4 Holeformance   -   Elliptical Hole for 100% Clean Out, Perfect Rod Contact
 Bad Ax Hammer Brochure  -   Bad Ax Hammers Stay Sharp, Heavy Hitting Power
 Blade2 Hammer Brochure  -  200% More Wear Surface, Reduces Rod Wear, Tub Grinding
 Dagger Hammer Brochure  -  Dagger Hammer, Reduces Rod Wear, Tub Grinding
 Dagger Hammer Second Brochure  -  Dagger Hammer, Reduces Rod Wear, Tub Grinding
 E-ssault Hammer Brochure  -  For All Your Abrasive Needs
 Triple Threat Hammer Brochure  -  3 Layer Hardfacing, Reduce Uneven Grind & Rounding of Edges
 Maximize Hammer Mill Profits  -  35% More Wear Surface, 3 Passes of Hardfacing
 Hammer Hardfacing Styles  -   Some of Jacobs Various Hardfacing Styles


 Die Preventive Maintenance  -    How to get the most life out of your Jacobs Pellet Dies
 Lightning Die Brochure  -    25%-40% Less Energy, 10%-20% Less Fines, Higher PDI
 Lightning Die Trial Results  -  See What Customers have Shared in All Applications
 Dominator Shell Brochure  -  Designed to Match Life of Die
 Traxstun Shell Brochure  -  Longer Life, Dual Wear, Greater Traction 
 Roll Boss Assembly Skids  -  Rolls Shells Assembly Skids Manufactured by Jacobs
 True lock Bearing Brochure  -  Eliminate Bearing Cups Spinning, Premature Roll Failure
 Pro-Roll Food Grade Grease  -  Kosher Certified, Specifically for Pellet Mills
 Pro-Roll Grease Comparison  -  Compare Ingredients
 Pro-Roll Grease Comparison 2  -  Compare Ingredients
 Pro-Roll PRO Unmatched Guarantee  -  Jacobs Guarantee on Our Pro-Roll Grease
 Pro-Roll Technical Data Sheet  -  See the Data Details
 Pro-Roll vs Leading Competitor  -  Grease vs Grease
 Bliss Bolt and Ring  -  Bliss Bolt and Ring Replacement Parts
 Bliss Super Seal Assembly  -  Seals and Prevents Bearing Contamination


 Hammer Mill Hammer and Rod Specification Form   -   Specifications of Hammers and Rods 
 Hammer Mill Hammer Only Specification Form  -   Specifications of Hammer
 Hammer Mill Screens Specification Form  -   Specifications of Screens
 Pellet Mill Die Specification Form  -  Specifications of Dies
 Pellet Mill Roll Shells Specification Form 
 -  Specifications of Roll Shells
 Spanish Spec Forms Dies-Shells-Hammers  -   Spanish Specification Form (All Parts)