Bad Ax tub grind hammer
Bad Ax Hammer for your hammermill

A New Innovative Hammer that can not be matched!

The Ultimate two hole hammer for tub grinding.
More tons per hour means more profit!
Stays sharp with heavy hitting power.

Be a "Bad Ax" grinder!


You don't need a bunch of sissies slowing down operations and getting in the way.  What you need is a Bad Ax Lumberjack to get in there and get some work done.  He'll bring the best tools and the best attitude and complete the job.

Unfortunately we are fresh out of spare Lumberjacks.  We do, however, have some of his tools of the trade.

So check your Online Quote, or Request an Account to get the best of breed tools on your team.

Just like you won't settle for sissy workers, don't settle for sissy hammers.  When you need to cut through the tough stuff, you need nothing less than a Bad Ax.

  • EDGE hammer for grinding