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Custom Hammers to Fit Your Specific Grinding Needs

Jacobs cutting-edge technology allows us to create custom hammers to fit your specific grinding needs. Our professional sales team is extremely knowledgeable in helping you determine factors, such as what hardness of hammer you should be using, what size of tungsten, which style of hard-facing, and if it makes sense to have a 1- or 2-hole hammer in your hammer mill. Jacobs hammers now all feature our TruBore™ holes, which provide true hammer-to-rod contact, mitigating hole elongation and rod grooving.

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Jacobs prides itself on our supply of stock hammers and materials. We keep many widths and lengths of bar stock on hand, so we aren’t restricted on the sizes we can offer. We have hundreds of styles on the shelf waiting to balance and ship out to you. Call your rep today to discuss what stock options from our large inventory Jacobs can offer for your specific mill and replacement wear parts needs. Our lead time can’t be beaten for our in-stock hammers, but we all know emergencies happen. We also have expedited service available for mission-critical needs. Don’t forget to also order your rods and spacers!

Standard Hammer

Jacobs standard hammers proudly feature our TruBore™ rod holes for less rod wear and better life. Along with STC™ (suspended tungsten carbide) hard-facing, you are sure to get extended life out of your hammers.

and hardfacing hammer

Dagger ™

Made for minimum wear and maximum destruction! Our Dagger hammers are powered by Holeformance™ - a Jacobs proprietary technology that eliminated rod wear with 100% rod contact, two times faster installation, eases removal, and helps mitigate hammers sticking.

Ask about our clusters for even faster installation, additional reduction in hole elongation and rod grooving. Dagger clusters also result in a better grind profile and reduce hard-face undercut wear.

One part number, one kit.

dagger hammer

Pentagon ™

Designed with the Ethanol Industry in mind, Jacobs Pentagon hammers are built for harsh environments. The durability and ease of install are just a few of the reasons these hammers are leading the industry. Pentagon hammers are powered by HoleFormance™-mitigating hole elongation and rod grooving while greater clean-out reduces hammer sticking.

The notched end provides a secondary grind point resulting in increased throughput and a better grind profile. Pentagons typically run at less amps allowing you to dial up the feed rate to produce more tons for the same energy costs of competitors hammers. Typical install and removal time is half that of the competitors’ hammer set up.

Our engineering team is standing by to help develop the best set up for your mill. This process begins with a questionnaire to help establish your production goals as well as to address any issues such as locational wear, micron size, longevity, and performance. Once developed your set up will come complete with a pattern and will utilize one part number for hammers, rods, spacers and lock collars for ease of ordering.

pentagon hammer

Max™ Hammer

Jacobs Max hammers are designed with a serpentine bushing that mitigates rod wear, drastically decreasing installation and extraction time. Max hammers come dynamically balanced in clusters ready to set in place and stay in place. Other benefits include but are not limited to a reduction in amps and less drag in the mill.

Max hammers provide the best rod grooving and hole elongation protection of any hammer in the industry. Get more revenue-generating operating time out of your mill. Give us a call to discuss compatibility with your operation.

max hammer

Edge™ Hammer

Get the Edge in rendering with Jacobs Edge hammers! Featuring tungsten filled pockets at high wear points for maximum durability, you can expect to get in some cases up to 3x more life than competitors rendering hammers in the same environments. Most are in stock ready to ship out to you same day or next day!

edge hammer

Bad Ax™ Hammer

Jacobs knows how harsh the environment of hay grinding can be. With that in mind, we developed the Bad Ax hammer. Designed exclusively for tub grinders, this hammer’s aggressive surface can grind the dirtiest, frozen bales to a fine consistency with ease. Its sturdy body, hard facing, and striking surface make the Bad Ax an effective tool for grinding.

bad ax hammer

Blade™ Hammer

Jacobs Blade hammer features a patented pivot design that reduces shock to the mill. Its hardened bushing reduces rod wear and maintains the strength of the hammers. In most cases, Jacobs Blade hammers ship same day or next day to keep your hay grinding operation running profitably.

tub blade

Dagger™ Hammer for Hay Grinding

Your economical solution to rod and edge wear is here! The Daggers world leading hard-facing, 100% clean out, and perfect rod contact make this our most durable hammer for grinding hay.

tub dagger

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