Jacobs is the world's largest producer of Pellet Dies for all makes of mills. Our high performance replacement Pellet Mill Dies are manufactured from the highest quality chemically engineered steel forgings.

Because not all pelleting applications have the same die requirements, we offer 4 unique types of steel forgings to satisfy the needs of our customers:

Lightning Dies         
The most advanced material for the most advanced pelleting needs. Made for heavy-duty applications and durability. Lightning dies have been proven to reduce energy usage and increase tons per hour.
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J4 Alloy         
Superior strength and resistance to breakage. Made for heavy-duty pelleting applications such as: alfalfa, wood, feedlot cattle rations, and other hard pelleting materials.
Hi-Chrome #5        
The same corrosion resistance as Hi-Chrome, but more fracture resistant in high load applications. #5 dies are the solution for mills that push their equipment and have fracture problems.
Solution for poultry rations, shrimp feeds, and other easy pelleting formulation. Hi-Chrome has elevated corrosion and wear resistance, and improves operations from start-up to full production.