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Applying tungsten carbide to the leading edge of hammer mill hammers is not new, but the EXACT placement and distribution of the tungsten particles during the manufacturing process is new, and can be done only using special equipment and having the technical know-how. Jacobs engineered and developed the STC method of manufacturing hammers. To find out more on our STC hammers with longer wear life please give us a call or send us a contact request form.

Jacobs hammers are for high performance mills and mill managers that want the lowest cost per ton!

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Jacobs Difference:
Other hammers advertise using a computer graphic of tungsten distribution. At Jacobs we take an  electro-scan and picture of every lot of our hammers to ensure you have the most advanced and uniform distribution produced. Jacobs is the Standard!
The competition hammers all have:

  • Voids in Weld
  • Air Pockets
  • Voids in Tungsten

Send us one and we will examine and send you a report as shown below!


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