adjusting pellet mill roller shells

Adjusting Pellet Mill Roller Shells: Lightning Dies

July 20, 2022

This section is to provide the difference between the standard skip-touch roll shell adjustment and the Lightning Die roll shell adjustment.

  • Adjust roller shells according to the skip-touch method described in the previous section.
    Once you are at the skip-touch setting, start to back the Pellet Mill shells off of the die slowly until they no longer make contact with the die.

    • As described in the previous section for 3 roller mills, you will need to turn the jam nut counter clockwise slightly, and then use a dead blow mallet to lightly tap the roller adjuster back against the jam nut.
  • Remove hands and tools from the die and rotate slowly to see if the shell makes contact at any point.
  • Repeat with little adjustments until the shell no longer contacts the die at any point.
    • For 3 roller Sprout style mills, it is extremely important that the center disc and its bolts are not worn or the shells will continue to ‘fall’ to the die when you are trying to adjust properly. The center disc should never be loose under any circumstances as this may lead to serious damage.

pellet mill roller shell

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